Hekima Girls' School

The Hekima Girls' Secondary School is a SHARE-supported school
The Hekima Girls' Secondary School in Tanzania provides quality education to bright, deserving young women, many of whom are sponsored by the SHARE Scholars Program. The academic institution's goal is to empower its female students culturally, socially, and economically, and enable them to develop talents, gain confidence, and accelerate the development of their society. 
Hekima’s Headmistress, Sr. Esther, describes the school:
"Hekima is an all girls private boarding secondary school whose majority of its attendants are daughters of subsistence peasants. It is located in the rural village Kashozi, 12 km NW of Bukoba town. It was fundamentally started to rescue young women by providing them with quality education especially those from poor economic background who, otherwise, would be faced with hostile cultural, economic, academic and social injustices.
Though the school is only 25 years most of its structures, especially the buildings are very old. The school was originally built by the White Sisters in the 1930’s for middle school education provision. The Theresian Sisters inherited the buildings and founded a secondary school for girls. Despite its missionary ownership, administration and background the school enrolls students from all religious denominations.
Since it’s founding to date Hekima has been taking considerable development strides, some of which are infrastructure, academics, etc. In infrastructure the old buildings have been being continuously renovated and a few more have been built. We are connected to the national electricity grid and have running water from gravity water system. In academics our performance graph in local and national exams has been averagely ascending. "
Back in 2010, the SHARE Team said good-bye to the students and teachers after arriving for their second trip to Africa. 
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