Have FUN while FUNdraising for SHARE! We have lots of suggestions and also welcome your ideas!

5K Charity Race for African Girls' Education
The  SHARE at Ridge High School chapter hosted a  SHARE 5K Charity Race in June, 2014.


• Host a 5K charity race

• Do a walk-a-thon

•Hold a dance or dance-a-thon!

• Sell hand-made crafts or jewelry

• Hold a garage sale or auction.

• Host a table at your school's activity fair, bringing attention to SHARE.

• Organize a cell phone collection at your workplace or school.

• Hold a bake sale with cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc!

Jewelry Sale Fundraiser for African Girls' Education
Rae Conklin sold her handmade jewelry and donated all proceeds to SHARE.

Host a "Happy Hour to Empower" (girls' night out or cocktail party) and ask friends to make donations to SHARE.

• Put on a car wash

Candy Jar Fundraiser for African Girls' Education
Olivia held a  candy jar fundraiser and asked her family and friends to donate for a guess.

• During the holidays, place a SHARE mailbox on your desk at work asking co-workers to drop in a dollar or two

• Provide a service for a neighbor or friend and ask for a donation in place of money.

• Instead of gifts, ask for donations to SHARE in honor of your birthday, wedding or special event.

• Ask those close to you to donate saved change. It may not be much, but it adds up!

• Girls Night In. Invite your girlfriends for a fun night in instead of going out. Put your cocktail money in a pot and send it to SHARE in Africa. So simple and fun!

• Movie Viewing. Get friends together to watch a documentary on the education in Africa, such as the film, "A Small Act'.

• Morning Tea. Have the neighbours round for morning tea instead of meeting at a cafe – everyone bake a cake and put your coffee money in a pot for SHARE!

• Book Club. Read a book, such as Half the Sky, at your next book club and introduce SHARE to your members. At the next meeting, your book club can gather donations to support a SHARE scholar for one year.




Need more suggestions? Feel free to contact us!