Keep Girls Safe

Meet Anitha, a SHARE Student

Anitha worries about the 200 Nigerian school girls who were abducted in April. She is frightened by the growing number of attacks on girls' education around the world.

We share Anitha's concern and have implemented our KEEP GIRLS SAFE initiative. This project improves security at Anitha's school by: 

  • Constructing a fence around campus
  • Upgrading classroom and dormitory doors
  • Ensuring 24/7 protection with Maasi guards

Anitha told us: 

"Building the fence along the school will make us safe and have the ability for us to study in peace. We can concentrate  more on our studies knowing we are safe."

Hear from Anitha herself and learn how you can help

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From the Headmistress

With the help of SHARE supporters, we plan on strengthening our students’ security in the following manners:

  • Build a fence around the school
  • Rebuild dormitory doors
  • Increase the number of guards around campus
  • Renovate non-functioning restrooms
  • Generate community awareness about the importance of security

Our long-term goal is to effectively ensure each of our students’ security in order to create a safe learning environment for both our students and staff.

-Headmistress Esther


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Hear the SHARE girls talk about safety!

Fencing: Phase 1

Fencing materials which will be used to construct the protective fence around the Hekima Girls School

Fencing: Phase 2

Workers are clearing the brush with machetes in order to make way for the new fences that are to come.

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