Success Stories


Capps Centre

SHARE saw an important need at the Hekima Girls' Secondary School in Bukoba, Tanzania, and fulfilled that need by providing the 470 students with a new dining hall.

The SHARE girls were so grateful for the laptop computers!  Special shout out to Meg Robbins for securing this donation from Kent Place School in New Jersey.

Thanks to Nate Berkus for launching SHARE's pilot electronic reader initiative by donating 10 brand-new SONY E-Readers!  Today there are 16 e-readers in SHARE libraries, benefiting hundreds of secondary school teachers and students in Tanzania. E-readers are a great educational tool, and they cost far less than shipping books from the U.S. to Africa.

Seeds from SHARE provides for "SHARE in Africa" schools and families in order to better education and life

Over the past decade the Seeds From SHARE Project has distributed over 4000 packages of vegetable seeds to schools, and families of the SHARE girls.

Smoke detectors were donated to Hekima Girls' Secondary School in Tanzania in memory of Jim Farley, who was a volunteer firefighter, SHARE supporter, friend, and wonderful human being! These smoke detectors will protect over 500 girls who live at the boarding school.

"SHARE in Africa" worked to improve education for girls in Tanzania through after school reading programs

Girls who attend primary school in Bukoba, Tanzania, struggle to become literate.


They are expected to perform household chores, such as cooking, cleaning, farming, and caring for siblings, instead of pursuing their studies.


SHARE addressed this problem by establishing three after-school reading programs for girls.


Tanzanian girls for SHARE in Africa and girls' education

Thanks to the Somerset Hills YMCA in Basking Ridge, New Jersey for inviting SHARE to participate in their summer teen volunteer program.  The teens wrote encouraging letters to the students at the Hekima Girls' Secondary School.  The Hekima girls wrote back long, heartfelt letters to their American counterparts. What a great way to promote cultural exchange!

SHARE donated Beanie Babies (stuffed toys) to the Itahwa Buresha Nursery School in Tanzania. This nursery school is mostly made up of orphans being taken care of by neighbors and extended family. The children here are the smallest in a special soy feeding study, and the school does not even require uniforms because the caretakers cannot afford them. This donation is considered so precious that the headmaster keeps the beanie babies locked up at the school. 

Khan Academy provides a free collection of 4,000+ video tutorials in mathematics, physics, computer science, etc. The videos provide “a free world class education for anyone anywhere.” 


SHARE successfully brought the Khan Academy to Hekima Girls' Secondary School in the summer of 2012. SHARE first introduced the videos to the staff at Hekima (pictured). 


These videos are an excellent learning tool in many academic areas. In particular, exposure to Khan Academy science and math video lessons will help the girls improve their exam scores in these subjects.

Team SHARE traveled to Tanzania for the fifth time in summer 2012, and the trip was a huge success!

We visited Hekima Girls' Secondary School and saw how the girls are thriving. Thanks to your support, the school has a spacious furnished dining hall that seats 1,000 students! Remember, prior to this, the girls were eating their meals sitting on the ground outside, no matter what the weather. 

"SHARE in Africa" has donated school supplies to the new library in Malawi

SHARE has donated hundreds of children's books and school supplies in recent years to the new library at a feeding center in Malawi.

We appreciate the value of partnering with other nonprofit organizations, such as Ministry of Hope.

Zanzibar Library

SHARE in Africa has donated science books and school supplies to the school library at the Kajificheni Primary School in Zanzibar in 2009 and 2010.  Farashuu H. Jabir is the headmistress of this school with approximately 1,200 students.  

Hekima SHARE Library

SHARE transformed a room that was being used as a grainery into a state-of-the-art library for the Hekima Girls' Secondary School.  There are 460 students, and approximately 15 staff members and teachers who utilize the SHARE library. Please click here to see a 4-minute video about the library and this amazing school.

Kangabusharo Primary School holds one of "SHARE in Africa" 's libraries to further girls education

In 2009, SHARE renovated of one of the dilapidated classrooms and transformed it into a SHARE Library.  Secure windows and doors were installed, the inside and outside of the library was painted, and the repairs were made.  SHARE equipped the classroom with 3,000 children’s books and textbooks, school supplies, such as solar calculators, pencils and pens, 20 desks, and 5 large bookshelves. In 2010, SHARE installed solar power for the SHARE library.  The Kangabusharo Schoo

"SHARE in Africa" helped create the first library at Kagemu School in Tanzania to aid girls education

Kagemu Secondary School in Tanzania has 900 students and teachers, but before SHARE, there was no school library!  In July 2009, SHARE renovated a classroom and equipped it with thousands of books and a laptop computer. 


In July 2010, SHARE donated English-Swahili dictionaries, and brought power to the classroom so students can read on rainy days and utilize the computer. 


Today the SHARE library is enjoyed by the students and staff alike, and after school, 40 SHARE girls attend reading programs there as well.

"SHARE in Africa" built its first library for girls education in Kiteyagwa, Tanzania

Opened in July 2008, this is SHARE’s inaugural library.  SHARE completely renovated a dilapidated classroom to house the library and the SHARE program. 

In 2009, SHARE returned and equipped the room with an additional 2,000 books and 4,000 items of school supplies. 

In 2010, SHARE installed electricity in the library. 

There are approximately 600 students using the SHARE library at the Kiteyagwa Primary School, and 35 SHARE girls in the afterschool reading program.


Volunteers around the world donate books to "SHARE in Africa" with the goal of improving girls education in Tanzania

Thousands of SHARE volunteers in American have helped collect, sort, label, and box donated children’s books and school supplies for the SHARE libraries.  As news of SHARE spreads, volunteers around the world have started book drives.  Children in Rome, Italy have collected 300 books, and children in Dublin, Ireland, have started a school supply drive as well. 


In March 2009 SHARE shipped 12,000 books to Tanzania with the help of two nonprofits, Books for Africa and COSAD. The books arrived in May 2009 and were distributed to the 3 schools. 


"SHARE in Africa" works to better girls education in Tanzania through teacher training programs

Many studies link teachers' own education and training levels with enrollment and attainment, especially among girls. Research from Africa shows the importance of hiring teachers who have sufficient education in the fields they teach. Teachers' own education consistently affects children's learning.

300 teachers and parents in Tanzania now have glasses!

Tanzania suffers from a widespread shortage of reading glasses. 


Thanks to Eyes on Africa for collaborating with SHARE to deliver 300 reading glasses -- free of charge -- to teachers and parents who would otherwise have no access to them.

School Supply Drive

Christopher McNamara organized a SHARE Supply Drive at Markel Corporation in Redbank, New Jersey. 

THOUSANDS of much needed contributions -all brand new!- were donated, including: