Success Stories


300 teachers and parents in Tanzania now have glasses!

Tanzania suffers from a widespread shortage of reading glasses. 


Thanks to Eyes on Africa for collaborating with SHARE to deliver 300 reading glasses -- free of charge -- to teachers and parents who would otherwise have no access to them.

School Supply Drive

Christopher McNamara organized a SHARE Supply Drive at Markel Corporation in Redbank, New Jersey. 

THOUSANDS of much needed contributions -all brand new!- were donated, including:


We have provided over 1,000 SHARE t-shirts to girls in our programs in schools throughout Tanzania. The girls are proud to wear the brightly colored shirts, which have SHARE's motto on the back: "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."

The t-shirts help build unity and provide a new piece of clothing to each SHARE girl, something that's a rare treat.


Pen Pal Program

With great excitement, the SHARE Pen Pal Letter Program was launched in March 2010. SHARE girls at the Kagema School in Tanzania initiated the program by writing 33 letters, in English, introducing themselves and their country to teenage SHARE volunteers in New Jersey. After that, there were numerous exchanges back and forth between the SHARE girls in Africa and the SHARE volunteers in North America. Approximately 70 teenagers participated in the program, which ended as the students graduated from high school.

DeSales University Club

The DeSales University chapter was founded in 2012 by SHARE supporter John Bayeux. The club holds fundraising events and raises awareness about SHARE. To date, members have raised over $5,000. For more information about the founding of the DeSales Club, click here.

In fall 2012, this chapter organized a collection at Sunday masses on campus, and they raised over $450 for SHARE. They also raised over $150 by selling ornaments.

South African Libraries

SHARE in Africa donated 17,000 books to four South African school libraries, impacting four thousand students, through the Global Literacy Project.