Cookie Jar Sales, New Jersey

Ridge High School held its first annual Women’s Leadership Summit, featuring SHARE's founder and a collection of other empowered, intelligent and hardworking female speakers. To help fundraise and raise awareness about SHARE, the Ridge chapter put together and sold homemade mason jars filled with ingredients to make double chocolate chip cookies. The day before, ten members of the club gathered at the president, Reagan Asay's house and spent three hours putting ingredients into 60 mason jars with homemade tags and hand-twirled ribbon. We think they will make perfect hostess gifts, presents for friends and family, or a little treat for yourself. The tag features the SHARE logo to let people know the jar does more than just make cookies, it also gives back to girls who really deserve it. The jars were a hit at the Summit and we cannot wait to send the money back to Tanzania to support the girls! Featured in the photo is the SHARE at Ridge treasurer Emily Atkinson, holding one of the cookie jars at the Summit.