Cory Booker

Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, is a huge proponent of volunteering, and very supportive of Share's work promoting girls' education in the developing world. Mr.

Signourney Weaver

Signourney Weaver gave praise and encouragement to SHARE's work in Tanzania at the 10th Annual Art of Giving Gala, New York City.

COSAD Night of Inspiration.

 Volunteer of the Year YMCA Award.

National Young Woman of Distinction, St Louis, MO, 2010.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania, Guest Speaker, May 2010.

Somerset County Board of Education Meeting.

"American's Top 10 Youth Volunteers" - National Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

SHARE introduces "A Small Act" at the Ridgewood Film Festival.

Speech at The White House by Shannon McNamara, Founder of SHARE.

Christopher McNamara organized a school supply drive for girls education in Tanzania through "SHARE in Africa"

Meet Mose - the first official SHARE Dog!


Three cheers to Christopher McNamara for organizing a SHARE school supply drive at Markel Corporation in Redbank, New Jersey! 


An anonymous donor left a laptop in the P.O Box of "SHARE in Africa" to support girls education!

In August 2011, we checked the SHARE post office box and received an amazing surprise...a LAPTOP from an anonymous donor!
Thank you, anonymous person from Summit, New Jersey!

Rae organized a fundraiser to donate to "SHARE in Africa" for girls education in Tanzania

“Happy Hour for a Cause” was a sale of handmade jewelry to support the SHARE Scholars program! Let's show some love for our ★ FUN-RAISE-HER, Rae!

"SHARE in Africa" recognized for work with girls education in Tanzania

In October 2011, SHARE was honored to be recognized by the Mo' Hair Foundation for our work with African girls! 

The BABE Rally is a unique fundraiser in which team members buy an old car for $500 or less, make it safe and legal, then drive it 1,500 miles from New York to New Orleans.

Women's Global Connection worked with "SHARE in Africa" to further girls education in Tanzania

Never a dull moment working with Women's Global Connection! We met with our friends from WCG in San Antonio, Texas in spring 2012.


US - Africa Children's Fellowship donated to "SHARE in Africa" materials for the girls school in Tanzania

An inspiring meeting with US - Africa Children's Fellowship, a nonprofit that has sent 19 containers of educational materials to Africa!

New York City