Joanitha Joas
"Because of your support, I can sit comfortably in class and study hard." 

SHARE has made a powerful difference in the life of Joanitha Joas. She joined SHARE's first after-school reading program at Kiteyagwa Primary School in 2008.  Joanitha worked hard every day at the library SHARE built at her school. At first, this soft-spoken little girl could barely read English. But in a few short months, both her reading skills and her self-confidence improved dramatically.


"I like SHARE programs because I want to read," Joanitha told us back then. "I want to read books so that I want to become a leader."

Joanitha is now a graduate of the SHARE Scholars program. Congratulations, Joanitha! 


Now, thanks to the SHARE Scholars program, Joanitha is able to attend Hekima Girls' Secondary School, one of the best all-girls secondary schools in Tanzania. Her teachers say she is a good and focused student. We think the future looks very bright for Joanitha!