Kangabusharo Library

Kangabusharo Primary School holds one of "SHARE in Africa" 's libraries to further girls education


The Kangabusharo School has 509 pupils (94 of them are orphans) and 10 teachers. The student to teacher ratio is 1:50, one teacher to fifty pupils! 



In 2009, SHARE renovated of one of the dilapidated classrooms and transformed it into a SHARE Library.  Secure windows and doors were installed, the inside and outside of the library was painted, and the repairs were made.  SHARE equipped the classroom with 3,000 children’s books and textbooks, school supplies, such as solar calculators, pencils and pens, 20 desks, and 5 large bookshelves.


This SHARE library is also the location for a daily after-school reading program for girls. The children are able to make use of the library and consequently improve the chances of furthering their education and eventually contributing to the wellbeing of their families and community.


In 2010, SHARE installed solar power for the SHARE library.