Tech Tanzania

SHARE’s goal is to “bridge the digital divide” through our Tech Tanzania program. We are working to bring computers, e-readers, the internet, and online learning to rural schools, so African students can access the world of knowledge that is available through modern technology. The plan is to design, build and support a sustainable technology center at Hekima Girls' Secondary School. SHARE has already started the initial phase of installing infrastructure that will provide internet service to the school. We have introduced e-readers and remote learning to the students and staff. Tech Tanzania will also include teacher training.


We are highly excited about this multi-phase project, which we have divided into 4 components:


Technology Infrastructure: this is the physical Wi-Fi equipment and service required to bring broadband capability to the school along with the computers, accessories, and software programs.


School Infrastructure: this is the establishment of computer labs and retrofitting of classrooms to accommodate the computers.


Curriculum Integration and Learning Resources: this is the transition to the computer as a primary learning tool that delivers measurable results.


Sustainability: this is a visible, documented effort to insure that the technology project will be a long term educational asset for Hekima. 


We invite you to learn more about the project and view photos of the infrastructure installation.


You can also watch this video about the project.


As part of this project, SHARE successfully brought the Khan Academy to Hekima Girls' Secondary School in the summer of 2012. Khan Academy provides a free collection of 4,000+ video tutorials in mathematics, physics, computer science, etc. The videos provide “a free world class education for anyone anywhere.” These videos are an excellent learning tool in many academic areas. In particular, exposure to Khan Academy science and math video lessons will help the girls improve their exam scores in these subjects.