Brendan McNamara, SHARE Media Consultant
Media Consultant

Brendan McNamara has written, filmed, and produced documentaries for SHARE including: Meet Joanita (2009), which has been aired on national television, Sharing Hope (2008) which earned 3rd place in the Nike Girl Effect Video Challenge and was a finalist in the Do Gooder International TV Awards, and Hekima: SHARE's New Project (2010). He is an avid filmmaker who has won numerous awards for his work.

Brendan is an Eagle Scout, and has volunteered in many countries including Haiti, Thailand, China, Costa Rica, and Peru. He has traveled to Tanzania multiple times to do fieldwork as a proud member of the SHARE team.

Brendan has a Masters Degree in Strategic Intelligence and a BA degree in Communications from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.  He works for the Department of Defence in Washington, DC.