Together we can change the world, one girl at a time.

Why Africa?

SHARE supports girls' education in Tanzania. This east African nation is one of the poorest countries in the world. To be born a girl in rural Africa often means being doomed to a life with little education, babies coming too early, too many births, babies who die of preventable diseases, subordination to a husband and his family, and an early death.

Why Girls?

To educate girls is to reduce poverty. All the evidence shows that taking girls out of the fields and homes and putting them in classrooms raises economic productivity, lowers infant and maternal mortality, reduces fertility rates, and brings better environmental management.

Why Education?

Studies prove that investing in girls' education delivers huge returns for economic growth, women's health and disease prevention. Research has shown that a single year of primary education creates a 10-20% increase in a woman's wages later in life. A young person with a secondary education is three times less likely to contract HIV. Education leads to more efficient agriculture and improved nutrition.

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