Capps Foundation enables "SHARE in Africa" to improve school conditions for girls in Tanzania

Our biggest thanks go to Judith Lepadatu and Bob Tilson for generously supporting SHARE through the Joan Capps Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization.


Thanks to the tremendous support of the  Capps Foundation, SHARE was able to complete two important projects at the Hekima Girls' Secondary School: a state of the art library and a spacious dining hall that seats up to one thousand students.

Liberty Corner Church gathered school supplies for the girls in Tanzania and "SHARE in Africa"

Thanks to Susanne Quigley and Elizabeth Barickman for spearheading one of SHARE's largest school supply drives!


In July 2009, nearly 400 Bible School campers donated thousands of pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, calculators, rulers, and children's books to the SHARE program. The campers also wrote letters to the SHARE girls and created bookmarks for the program.


Ridge High School has been dedicated to "SHARE in Africa" and improving girls education in Tanzania

Over the past few years, Ridge High School students have participated in "SHARE Parties," during which book donations are labeled, sorted, and boxed.


Cedar Hill School has supported "SHARE in Africa" and girls education for many years

Many thanks to Cedar Hill Elementary School for donating to SHARE thousands of children's books and textbooks over the past several years.

Hannah was inspired by "SHARE in Africa"'s work with empowering girls in Tanzania through education


Thanks to The Lucia Bocchino Fund for Promising Young Artists for honoring 5th grader Hannah Wall for her drawing of SHARE founder, Shannon McNamara. The exhibit, entitled "Who Inspires You?" was held at the Somerset Hills YMCA in May 2009. 

The MOM's Club held a book drive for "SHARE in Africa" to send to the girls in Tanzania

Many thanks to the MOMS' Club of Morristown, NJ, for holding a SHARE Book Drive in December 2008. Hundreds of good quality donated books were collected! The MOMS' Club generously contributed to the shipping costs down to Tanzania as well.

Girl Scouts chose to help "SHARE in Africa" by writing to the girls in Tanzania

Thanks to the Liberty Corner Junior Girl Scout Troop for choosing SHARE to help for their Bronze Award project. The troop wrote letters to the SHARE girls at the Kiteyagwa Primary School and collected, sorted, labeled, and boxed hundreds of books for the SHARE program.

Girl Scout Troop collected tons of books for SHARE girls in Tanzania

Thanks to Tess Buckley's Junior Girl Scout Troop for organizing the "Buddies & Books Café" night at the Liberty Corner School and collecting over 1000 children's books for the SHARE programs in Tanzania. Thanks for inviting SHARE founder, Shannon, to speak to the children and parents at the event, held on March 5, 2009.

School donates books to "SHARE in Africa" to help empower girls through education

Thanks to Louise Winget, 6th grade teacher at William Annin Middle School, who organized the collection and delivery of 969 donated books for the SHARE program in November 2009.

Piscataway Library donates books to "SHARE in Africa" for the girls in Tanzania

Thanks to Maggie Serpico of The Friends of the Piscataway Library for the donation of children's books - enough boxes to fill an entire van! (November 2008).

Tilson Financial Group held a book drive for "SHARE in Africa"and sent the boxes of books to the girls in Tanzania

Thank you to Bob Tilson and the Tilson Financial Group for holding a book drive for SHARE. Several boxes of donations were collected in January 2009.

Bernards Township Library donates thousands of books to "SHARE in Africa" for the girl in Tanzania

Cheers to the Bernards Township Library in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, for donating thousands of children's books to SHARE over the past several years!

Sterling Transport Services offered his services to "SHARE in Africa" to get supplies to Tanzania

Thanks to Rich Graber for generously offering the services of his company, Sterling Transport Services, to help SHARE truck over 100 heavy boxes of children's books, textbooks, and school supplies from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, to the Books For Africa location in St. Paul, Minnesota in February 2009.


Markel Insurance Company held a book drive for the "SHARE in Africa" girls in Tanzania

Thank you to Chris McNamara for organizing a company-wide book drive for SHARE! The Markel Insurance Company collected and shipped seven large boxes of supplies to SHARE.

Lite Depalma donated laptops to improve education conditions for the "SHARE in Africa" girls in Tanzania

Thanks for the donation of 10 IBM ThinkPad laptops to SHARE by the law firm Lite DePalma Greenberg, LLC, in September 2008.

Luke helps raise awareness for girls education by making a video for "SHARE in Africa"

Cheers to Luke Malanga, 12 years old, who made a video with photos of the SHARE girls at the Kagemu Secondary School.  The photographs were taken at the SHARE library opening ceremonies in July 2009. 


Luke is a student at Chatham Middle School in Chatham, New Jersey. He is interested in photography, videography and technology.


Rachel organizes school supply drive for "SHARE in Africa" for the girls in Tanzania

Cheers to Rachel Kehoe, a junior at Mt. Saint Mary’s High School in New Jersey, for choosing SHARE as a project for her religion class.  


"I heard about SHARE and thought it was a great cause because I believe education is really important," notes Rachel. 


The Tanzanian Embassy supports "SHARE in Africa"'s work in empowering girls through education

We appreciate the support from the Tanzanian Embassy in New York City.  In June 2010, SHARE team members spent an afternoon describing the work SHARE is doing in Bukoba.

Leah donated to "SHARE in Africa" to aid girls education in Tanzania

Thank you to Leah Koch for donating a brand new laptop to SHARE that was given to her by the Girl Scouts when she was named a 2009 National Young Woman of Distinction.


Leah was a Girl Scout for 11 years. Her Girl Scout Gold Award focused on her love of theater. She wrote an original play and toured it around the city of Chicago, visiting hospitals and afterschool programs. Leah then transformed the script into a picture book.